HEMPBASE | A pure hemp CBD vaporizer pen you can feel great about

Eaze Team
Feb 19, 2019

Every ingredient matters.

In the burgeoning CBD vaporizer space, you’ll hear a lot of brands boast the quality of their extracted oils, natural terpenes, and high-tech hardware. But what goes into vape formulations that you’re not hearing about?

Quite a bit, it turns out.

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Hempbase covers all those bases, with all-in-one vaporizers “created with wellness, positivity and anxiety relief in mind.” From some of the finest and most fashionable packaging on the market to the top-shelf hemp CBD oil and natural cannabis and fruit terpenes, experienced CBD users will already notice a quality upgrade with every Hempbase product.

But there’s another level here.

[Click the image below to shop Mimosa – Recover by Hempbase]

“I feel like this industry often reflects just-OK quality, just-OK packaging, and a ‘Just OK’ mentality focused primarily on profits,” company founder Kevin Choi tells Eaze. “I wanted to create a brand that focuses on impact, while building something that’s way better than OK.”

The last detail.

Choi’s philosophy motivates one key difference between Brand X and Hempbase: Everything in their formulations has been upgraded, including the “filler” oils and compounds that help suspend and deliver CBD and other hemp cannabinoids and terpenes.

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A vast majority of vaporizer and oil-extraction makers (including the nicotine industry) use PG/VG (propylene glycol/vegetable glycerin) and other cheap filler oils. There’s nothing inherently wrong with these ingredients. They’re extremely inexpensive and abundant.

And very, well … OK.

“We saw this as an opportunity to make the highest-quality ingredient vaporizers in the marketplace,” Choi says. “I just believed it could be done better.”

Don’t call it ‘filler.’

In place of cheap PG/VG or MCT oils is Hempbase’s proprietary blend of all hemp- and plant-derived compounds that’s recognized as food-grade safe by the FDA.

“Hempbase Carrier contains a special blend of terpenes with antioxidant and anti-irritant properties to make for a smoother vaping experience,” Choi says. “It also serves as an emulsifier, meaning compounds blend smoothly and have high stability relative to alternate cutting agents.”

To develop its proprietary formulas, Hempbase has been working extensively with California-based extraction lab that’s highly reputable, and sources its hemp entirely from the U.S., primarily Colorado and (soon-to-be-exclusively) Kentucky.

[Click the image below to shop Blue Dream – PM by Hempbase]

Its four formulations on Eaze Wellness – Blue Dream (PM), Lemon Up (AM), Mimosa (recover), and Tropic Thunder (focus) – are all-in-one devices, so they’re everything you need to get started.

And because each is hemp CBD-only, they won’t make you feel “high.” But definitely way better than just OK.

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